We’re Moving!

No, we’re not moving houses. Are you kidding me? We’re so far from moving it’s not even funny!

However, we ARE moving blog domains! Our new blog isn’t perfect and it will definitely be tweaked as we go along, but we’re ready to be our very own dot com address! You can find us at www.gourleygirlandguy.com If you are an email subscriber, PLEASE keep following us! Followers at wordpress.com, you will not be able to follow us *on* wordpress since we are now self-hosted, but we would LOVE for you to become email subscribers! We have loved learning more about you as well!

We are working on getting email subscriptions up, but can also be found on facebook, twitter, and instagram (my personal favorite)!

We have SO appreciated your support in the last few months and hope to see you all at the new blog! Don’t be surprised if we email you and say PLEASE COME FOLLOW US AGAIN! 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend! More posts coming ASAP at www.gourleygirlandguy.com ! 🙂


"but the children LOVE the books!"

…and I am still a child when it comes to books.
I finally finished book 13! By finally finished, I mean…started and continued reading a book from start to finish. I’ve been in a little rut because my first books of the year were so good that it was hard for me to want to continue when some weren’t as enthralling as others.
However, after a trip to my new favorite place, Paperbacks, Ink., I decided to buy some used books and finally finished one.
13. The Secret Between Us– Barbara Delinksy
I read one of her books earlier in the year and loved it, so I tried this one. It’s very good. A woman and her daughter are driving (her daughter is behind the wheel on her learner’s permit) and they hit a man running on the side of the road. Anyway, it gets good.
So…now for spring break. I’m sure I’ll post pictures of my progress on spring break AND my love of spring.
I went home this week for Easter and a few extra days (and new glasses! yeah!) and took some beautiful pictures of a place across the road from my grandparents’ house. Hope you love spring. I sure do!
Thanks for reading!
pear trees & barns & fields

random daffodils…and an old fence post?

i love orange & white daffodils

new life on the redbud tree

i wish i had dogwoods in my yard 😦

the steeple of fredericksburg baptist up the