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about us :)

hmmm…where to start?

Our last name is Gourley (pronounced ‘girly’) and since the day we got engaged there has been hassling about saddling me (Jessica) with this last name. I’m not *very* girly…so it’s been interesting telling people my “new” name.

Gourley Girl: I’m a public school teacher, this year will be my 7th year (whaaat?!) and I truly love those kiddos like no. other. Some of them still hang out with us, even after leaving elementary school and I’ve threatened to adopt several of them. Parents aren’t as weird about it as you might think. 🙂

Gourley Guy: He is a youth minister to some of the coolest freaking teenagers this side of the Mississippi. We love them and are adopting some of them, too (haha) and they’re parents are even more OK with it. 😉

Our life is exhausting, but we really love all of these kids that God has brought into our lives and we would like to host them even more often, which brings us to our projects…

We live in a house (where I have lived for almost 9 years, since college- almost 3 of those years have been together) and we are SUPER trying to change the look of our house one square inch at a time. We do projects in our (rare) spare time and blog in even rarer time (obviously).

We also love photo booths and beach vacations. And puppies. And hand holding. And whatever else you write when you want people to think you’re nice. So…think we’re nice and come hang out with us! 🙂




One thought on “about us :)

  1. Hello there. In my “googling” of my name I ran across your blog and found an interesting item in your post. My name is also Jessica Gourley. Gourley is my family name, not married name (I am not married). Anyway, people frequently pronounce our “Gourley” as “girly”, however our family always has pronounced it as “G-or-ly” (“or”, not “ir”). I am not a teacher, so not 100% I described that correctly. Anyway, just wanted to say “hello”.

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