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Engagement-aversary: The day I screwed up all of my husband’s plans

OK so, after posting this morning about the gallery wall, I wasn’t going to post this. Then, I wrote a status about how I hi-jacked his proposal and people (including my sister- how have I not told this story to my whole family?!) asked for the story…and THEN, the episode of Friends was on where Phoebe and Mike get engaged and she botches it, like THREE TIMES. It was a sign from God, I think…so here it is. Our WHOLE story is really long and would take 1405938 posts (OK, I make up numbers like Claire from Modern Family…but still). Has anyone seen that one? I couldn’t get a link that worked…but Claire makes up numbers to confuse Cam, like…”Eleventy-four”. Oh man, it makes me laugh. Sorry if I’m the only one laughing.

Three years ago, August 8, 2010, my husband and I got engaged. He tried to propose in like, 3 different places. I screwed them all up. Welcome to our life. He’s romantic, I screw it up. We laugh about it later, much later in this case.

Chris and I had talked about engagement, but we’d only been together for about 7 months…so I didn’t really know what we were going to do. I also really wanted a fall wedding if/when I got married again…and it was already August. So it was like “dribble or shoot” time if we even hoped to get married that fall. We had like, weeks. We had talked a LOT about the fact that we had both been engaged before and, in his case, he proposed on a freezing cold, wet, January night and I was at the beach for my first proposal, but there was no get-on-one-knee-pop-the-question, it was written on a piece of paper. Both were very thoughtful, but neither was ideal. We were SURE *our* proposal would be idyllic. Hah. Hahahahahahaha. So dumb we were.

Chris actually met with my parents to talk about proposing and they planned to meet at a Panera in Richmond (where he lived). Funny thing, both he AND MY MOM called me and asked me for directions to Panera. What?! Seriously, guys, get it together! My stepdad thought it was really funny when I called them both out on it later.

So, at the time, Chris worked in Richmond so I would go to church with him every Sunday and we would drive back on Sunday afternoons to squeeze in a little more hanging out time before I started my work week. This particular Sunday, we drove back and went to Moe’s to eat with our friend/former roommate, Jess and her awesome sister, Steph. After Moe’s, Chris asked if I wanted to go to a new ice cream place that we’d seen all summer and thought about visiting. Unfortunately, sometimes Moe’s jacks up my stomach (and Jess is lactose-intolerant) so I was like, “No, let’s not get ice cream. Let’s come back out later and go take a Sunday NAP!” [Botch #1]

We took a nap (it was AWESOME) and then Chris asked if I wanted to go to one of our favorite places in Newport News, the Mariner’s Museum Park & Lion’s Bridge. [He actually wanted to go to “our place” at the Newport News Park and realized we didn’t have time because I overslept.- Botch #2] Lion’s Bridge has an AWESOME sunset and we used to go on walks there. We were all ready to leave when the phone rang. It was my best friend in Seattle, Chau (pronounced Cho). Well, we talked for…hours. Literally, probably 2 hours. By that time, sundown had occurred. Chris started acting squirrelly. [Botch #3]

Finally, we were sitting on the couch watching TV around 8? or 9? and he was being really awkward and I got super annoyed. He jumped up off the couch, walked into the kitchen, and got some water. I was *super* annoyed. Like, what on EARTH was he doing being SO weird?! He walked in and he got REALLY serious. Anyone who has met Chris knows that he doesn’t really *get* serious. He sat down next to me, muted (or turned off?) the TV, turned to me, and went off on a whole shpiel (shpeal? shpeel?) about how much he loved me. I don’t handle compliments well, so I got really awkward. REALLY awkward. He opened his hand, said some more mushy stuff about how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and then asked me to marry him! It was precious, but I *REALLY* screwed it up. I mean, two proposals and never a knee?! Sheesh. I did botch our proposal EVEN further though. We had joked since I forced him to watch we watched Love, Actually about how I would answer like Aurelia, the Portuguese girl who learns English for Colin Firth (would someone NOT learn English for Colin Firth?!) who says, “Yes is being my answer”. Isn’t that the cutest?

Well, I got flustered listening to his compliments, realized that he was actually trying to propose 3 (THREE?!) different times that day, felt like an arse (to quote the British- get at me, Colin Firth?!), and hugged him. I backed up, went to pick up the ring he held in his palm, and he said, “Uhhh, you didn’t actually answer me…” WHAT?! Sheesh. I’m the WORST.

Knees, pretty locations, “planned” answers…all of those were great in our planning stage…but we have a pretty funny story and it REALLY suits our (way too long for today) story of mishaps that eventually led us together. Thank God this man has the patience of a saint and he stuck with me through an awful day. I might’ve been superstitious, thought it was a sign, and panicked. Thank God for him. Three years later, I’ve never regretted a single day, only wished for more. I love you, baby! 🙂

Engagement PhotoProbably my favorite engagement photo, courtesy of the lovely Rachel May. Can you believe my sweet husband has lost like, 40-50 lbs since these photos?!


aaaaand, last but not least…

Engagement Records

Thanks for reading our story! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Engagement-aversary: The day I screwed up all of my husband’s plans

  1. Ha! My hubs planned this really elaborate engagement (maybe I should blog about that)….and it was very timed and precise (military much? LOL). Anyhow, I had no clue so I’m getting ready for the event we are going to and I’m flossing my teeth. He is freaking out. I kept thinking, “dude, I’m freshening up my teeth, chill”. Now I know how insane he must have been at that moment.

    • Sara- I love it! My friend ended up insisting SO hard that she give her husband his Christmas present (a sweater) that he was forced to give her present to her (an engagement ring) in the parking lot of a PIZZA HUT! hahahahaha it’s funny how that stuff works out. I LOVE how military-minded your husband is! 🙂

  2. As long as I’ve known you guys, I’ve never heard that story. (Of course I haven’t seen you as much since defecting to Northside CC). Anyway, great story. Sounds just like the Jessica I know and yes, Chris does have the patience of a saint!!

    I’m glad you two found each other and are happy. NEVER take it for granted. Always, always embrace the love you have and find new ways to keep your love alive.

    Oh, and your new skinny husband looks smokin’ hot….you can tell him I said so.

    • Becky- Thank you so much for your comment (and sweet compliment to my super hot husband!) I can tell you he makes it pretty easy on me keeping love alive, but your comment definitely to encourages me to like, shave my legs or something so he feels appreciated. 🙂 We really appreciate you reading and hope you’re doing well at Northside! Tell Zach we said hey! 🙂

  3. I’m laughing at your numbers! I wish I could give credit to the proper person but I’d hate to ‘blame’ the wrong person for this. Moving on…..I knew someone who counted to 10 and the next number was always 11-teen.

    I think it might be ‘schpiel’?

    You know how I love a story! And….. you wouldn’t be a part of our family if there wasn’t a story connected to EVERYTHING!

    • I’m so glad you commented. I almost tagged you when I posted the link on facebook because I knew you’d help me out! 🙂 Hope you’re well & thanks for reading! Who would’ve thought I would end up writing for fun? Weird. 😉

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