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Saving H2O…and Money :)

I have a freakish gift. Yes, it’s weird. No, I’m not proud of it. Many other people may say they have it, but I find that I’ve honed it to an unusual and unnatural skill level. See, growing up we had well water. To this day, I prefer well water over paying for my water and I still forget that I can shower when the power’s out. Dumb, but true. I have however, learned that I love showering in the dark. Strange, but true.

I remember my college roommate coming to stay for a few days over our first college break. Yes, we were that in love. A month apart made us crazy. That being said, we annoyed each other endlessly the next semester for about 2 months. No worries, we made up and are still in love today…and also happily married to wonderful men. We were sleeping in the basement of my split-foyer house on the sofa bed, but the main bathroom was upstairs. Our basement bathroom always ended up being storage- haha. We were passed out in the way that only college students can be, when I suddenly bolted up in the bed. Katie turned over and said, “What the heck is wrong?! Did something happen?” I asked her, “Have you been up already?” and she said, “Yeah, I woke up a while ago and went to the bathroom.” I jumped out of the bed and yelled, “The water’s running!” She didn’t really understand my freak-out, but I later explained the well water situation to her. That year we were also in water advisory for a drought, so I was on especially high alert.

I can still hear the water running at any time and from anywhere in any house I happen to be in. It’s a sickness. A few months back, I heard our water running in our bathroom toilet and asked Chris if he’d heard it. He said he had heard it a few times, but didn’t realize it was happening as often as I had noticed. Eventually, the flapper would leak so much that the water would full on run into the toilet bowl. The trickling made me in.sane.

This past weekend I decided to do something about it. This may be the first (and only) time we use personal spending money on toilet parts. Chris ran out to Ace Hardware Saturday evening and bought this handy-dandy Dual-Flush Converter: the HydroRight.


I had seen it recommended on Young House Love a few years ago, but didn’t have a good excuse to replace my toilet parts until my flapper started trickling. How many times in life can you say that your flapper is trickling? Too few, I say.

So. We started with the toilet looking like this…


Just a regular old tank, fully equipped with an empty flower pot because I killed a succulent. Yes, an un-killable plant.


Then, Chris took the tank lid off and sat down to look inside. This happened. I laughed out loud and he couldn’t get up fast enough to stop me from taking his picture. Did I mention I can’t wait to repaint this bathroom based on my new moodboard from the diy nurse?! Because I can. not. wait.


So, he sat backwards on the toilet and I read the directions to him. It’s pretty easy, almost as easy as replacing a regular old flapper. We had to make a few adjustments to the float that monitors the water level because its “default” height was the same as our tank’s water level and we took a few test flushes to adjust it and make sure we had enough water for the #1 flush. After 10 minutes of playing around with the water level, we had a dual-flush toilet! Yes, friends, that’s right. One flush for #1 and another for #2. I am so stoked about the possibility of water savings, I’m about to install one in the roommate’s bathroom.


And honestly, the little button is really cute. I was scared the tank’s lid would sit differently because the button seemed higher than the lever, but voila! It works! This is so dumb, but I am really so excited about this joker. Being able to say that my flapper was trickling was just an added bonus. 🙂


Any water- or money-saving tricks up your sleeve this spring? We would love ALL the money-saving tricks we can get!


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