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Which came first, the chicken…or the egg basket?

Every year, we make a lovely pilgrimage to Pennsylvania with my grandparents. I first went on this trip in middle or high school and I was obsessed with vintage handkerchiefs. Yes, I have a bazillion. No, they’re not doing anything cool. Yes, I should really get on making something cool with them.

Anyway, as I grew up, I became obsessed with other things (formica top tables, anyone?) and started going on this trip as an adult with my own little envelope just for these goodies. Since then I have bought a bazillion insulators, some old bottles, blue Mason jars, old cameras, and other things we use and love around the house.

As nervous as I am to admit this, I think this year was our best haul yet. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about many of our finds over the next few months because I just want to make them all functional and display them right. stinking. now.

Last year, I came back with a b-e-autiful yellow egg basket. Yellow is my favoritefavoritefavorite color and it’s in nearly perfect condition. My blue Mason jars look beautiful in it, but I really wanted to make something out of it. I really wanted a light.

This year, my hunt was for another egg basket that I could finally transform into a lovely little light fixture. I really love the yellow one and want to keep it with my blue jars. Well, apparently we aren’t the only ones because not only did we find baskets, we found them for prices WAY higher than last year’s. We finally found a really nice white one in SUPER great condition. I was afraid for it to be too rusty because some of the wires in the egg baskets that were umm…more well-loved(?) was kinda sketch and eaten all the way through and I wanted this to be a kitchen fixture. The white we found also happened to be the cheapest we were seeing advertised ($37, but I think we talked them down a few bucks). Either way, I knew I wanted to leave with one and it was perfection.

Now, I don’t know anyone with an egg basket light, but I figure pinterest might. I knew that I could make it into one, I just wasn’t 100% sure on the mechanics of the whole thing.

Enter 2 Little Superheroes and her DIY Egg Basket Tutorial. Feel free to read hers if you want more detail, as mine will be brief since hers was so bomb-dot-com.

We started with this ginormous (but lovely) fan that SUPER doesn’t work with our aesthetic.


Also, have I mentioned that we have very limited counter space and EVERYTHING seems to end up on this lovely little table? And yes, that is a dress hanging from our floating shelf. Long story. Doesn’t it look like something Mary from The Secret Garden would wear? #humorme


And here is my lovely little egg basket. Isn’t she cute? I love her.


This is post-taking wires out of fixture plate and threading them through the egg basket hole. Then, we just threaded them back through the fixture plate once it was hung on the ceiling and attached to the box. No worries, we turned off the electricity…although that did take some serious luck because the previous owners jacked up our fuse box labeling. Annoying. **For anyone who’s wondering. We used the same pendant light as in Danielle’s tutorial, but in silver. It’s here, if you’re interested! I forgot to take a photo of the box and my husband is a rabid recycler- haha.**


Aaaaaaaaaand here she is! I really considered tying up the handle with some fishing wire (so it wouldn’t look “ghetto”, as my husband called it) or with some cute twine to look more rustic…but then both the hubs & the roommate leaned over and got coffee without bumping their heads on it- so it stays! You will notice that the cord had to be swagged from the fixture box to a hook. Our fixture box is a) not centered, and b) super far out of the “nook” due to the way the HVAC ducts run from the vent. It’s annoying, but I really needed the basket to be centered and it’s less noticeable than I would’ve assumed. I mean, Country Living and HGTV aren’t coming to photograph my house anytime soon…and we’re looking into moving the fixture box sometime soon. Gotta get up in the attic and see what we’re working with. 🙂 DSC_3734


Oooh, you can also see that we took Danielle’s advice and got the Edison bulb. It’s a LOT less bright than our fan’s light fixture, but I l-o-v-e love it. So I don’t care. Also, that second picture makes it look super crooked, but it really isn’t. I just couldn’t get directly in front of it with the camera. Yes, our kitchen is THAT narrow. …and don’t judge me for the Strawberry Daiquiri ice-pop kit in our window. We accumulate super weird (and hopefully delicious) things.

Anybody else making weird things into light fixtures? Weren’t these egg baskets absolutely made to be lights in a future life?! Well, baskets, that life is NOW!

pssssst! We were featured on 6 AWESOME blogs for their Monday Funday series! We are SO honored- it made our night/weekend/week/month! 🙂 Check these amazing ladies and their awesome blogs out! And…thank you SO much to Jamie for choosing our project! 🙂 

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6 thoughts on “Which came first, the chicken…or the egg basket?

  1. I love the light. I am thinking about doing the something with a bucket. Of course I got the idea in an antique store!

  2. 1. LOVE the new blog! 2. LOVE the egg-basket, although I think I’d have to cut off the basket handle out of spite!

    You guys are my favorite. Of all time. AA. ANTTCT.

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