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my first You Capture! :)


So my friend Lindsey Collins told me about Beth’s blog, I’ve been reading faithfully at every post. Lindsey originally told me so that I could start taking pictures for Beth’s You Capture series. I have yet to participate. My last post was about my longing desires to participate…but alas, it was two weeks too late. 

So this week she did a You Capture- Sky “assignment”. I was really pumped about this assignment…but as soon as I went to take pictures, I ended up being out of town and photographing a family party instead of the sky. Good thing, that day was drenching with downpours. 

Anyhow, yesterday I had the camera and realized that it was Wednesday and I could finally participate on a Thursday if I could get my blog post done! Lucky for me, we had a resource today at our normal time so I can blog to you!…not necessarily so lucky for you, sorry. 🙂 

Here are some pictures I took from the church parking lot last night of the sky! 

The clouds looked really amazing over the softball field last night. 
I couldn’t resist taking this picture in my sunroof. I really like how it came out. And Greg was there supervising. 

The next ones are the sequence that I took as the clouds were turning pink. There were too many trees to see the really good views of the pink/purple/orange clouds, but the steeple looked really pretty. 

Now, at this point my favorite subject, the moon, came out. I was super pumped. One of these pictures may be too dark to see but if you can, it looks pretty cool. The laptop screen had to be tilted a bit, but I could still make it work if I tried really hard. 
That’s all for my very first You Capture!


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