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kristin hannah.

I was super obsessed with Kristin Hannah (and still kinda am) until I saw that she wrote a super trashy first-novel that was a romance loin-cloth-covered-type novel. Awkward. But that was at the used bookstore (a.k.a. Heaven)…so I just buy the ones that are newer.
My good friend Lindsey let me borrow Kristin Hannah’s book The Things We Do For Love and I loooooved it. No trashy, romance, loin-cloth-covered-type novel. It was beautiful. It was, as her novels tend to be, primarily about the relationships between women that are intertwined…and the men in their lives. This one added in an orphan/pregnant teen/infertile “mom” story. Let me tell you, it warmed my heart. 
I stayed up until 3 a.m. reading it last night.
Also…I just need to immortalize (although many of you already saw on facebook) the moment that I got yesterday…
“Last time I checked this was not the set of ‘Twilight’ and you are not a vampire, so please stop biting him or you’ll move a card.”
It may be my favorite thing I’ve ever said. 
Also, one of my babies is leaving on Friday and moving and I’m *super* sad. I’m not ready to lose any of them yet. Silly military. 
31 days left.

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