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Run, Run as fast as you can!…

You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

So…just a quick update. The holidays are upon us and we are all getting excited about watching the Polar Express and learning about the holidays. Before we start on the official holiday celebrations…the Kindergarten teachers read different versions of the Gingerbread Man story. Well, because they’re far better teachers than I, they crumbled up Christmas cookies throughout the hallways and had their kids “hunt” for the Gingerbread Man who is running rampant through my school. Amazing. What I wouldn’t give to eat a cookie. So my kids were in the hallway as a pack of Kindergarteners were searching for Gingy and they were asking questions about whether or not he was real. I informed them, of course, that he was real and he was hiding somewhere in the school but the Kindergarteners were going to find him so maybe we could get a piece. Hah. So as we walked I see one of my students walking with his hands on his hips…very authoritatively. I ask him, “Why are you walking like that?” and he looks around and sniffs, “I can smell it. I can smell his fear…the Gingerbread Man’s fear, I mean.”

Love them. 🙂


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