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rewriting history…and science?

Don’t get me wrong. My children are amazing and wonderful and smart. They’re fabulous. I really love them. Even with 25 of them there, I absolutely love them.

My favorite thing to watch is the evolution of writing. However, with this also comes the realization that they don’t have the power to re-write history and science with their creativity and lack of spelling/word-sounding-out-skills.

So today, I present 2 journals, written by the same lovely young lady. She singlehandedly decided to rewrite Christopher Columbus’ sexuality and the sexual habits of ants. Should I be worried that she writes in sexual innuendo? Perhaps. Anyhow, she’s wonderful. So backstory: we read a story in the reading textbook about ants. It briefly discussed their habits, lifestyle, etc. The whole purpose was for them to know what a nonfiction text was and how it used real pictures during the book. So…they had to write about ants that day in their journal…reflect on the text and what they learned…

This lovely child wrote: “ants dig hoz.”

That’s write. Ants dig hoes. They love ’em. Yeah, it’s supposed to be holes…but after reading 8 million journal entries on ants…I tend to giggle incessantly at these things.

So…6 days later was Columbus Day. Columbus Day is of course the day when most people get out of work. Not me. Not my kids…unless their parents keep them home because they get off of work and obviously need to keep their kids home too. Ridiculous.

I digress…after they learn about Columbus and we briefly discussed the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria…his long travel…the lack of support…Ferdinand/Isabella…I had them write about what they learned about Columbus.

Apparently she learned that “Columbus had 3 ships and 9 men.” The ocean is a long and lonely place, my friends. And Columbus learned that…ahem…the hard way.

I love my job. 🙂


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